Static Web pages sometimes called as Flat Web Pages are those on your website that send exactly the same response to every request. Every time when a static file is downloaded, the file contents that are sent to the browser are same for everyone who accesses the file. Flash and Shockwave presentations are also termed as static content. It is Quick and easy to put together all informations, ideal for demonstrating how a site will look. The static pages are cache friendly, means, one copy can be shown to many people without any change. But there are many disadvantages with static web pages. It is difficult to maintain when a site gets large. It is difficult to keep pages consistent and up to date. But these Static websites can be custom designed. Simply they have brochure look. A static website is a best option if the size of website is limited, when it is not required to update the contents very frequently and if the investment on website is limited. The static web pages are very simple in look, gives extra-ordinary outlook, effective in presenting the information, quick to setup, limited maintenance, easy search engine optimization.
A dynamic website is one whose content is regenerated every time, when a user visits or reloads the site. Typically Dynamic web pages are written in various scripting languages or technologies such as ASP, PHP, Perl or JSP etc. Dynamic websites communicate with the database and fetch the information according to the query specified. With the dynamic web sites you can store the data safely in databases and can be accessed by the users who have permission for that. This type of websites are larger in size and mainly used for E-commerce applications. As the contents are stored in databases it is very easy to update the contents whenever required without changing the design out-look. There are two types of Dynamic web sites
1. Client Side Scripting
2. Server Side Scripting

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Before starting the actual design of any website, a mock template of the web page should be designed that must always be a mirror reflection of the actual web page. Hence proper planning and care should be taken while designing a template. At Discover Tech, our team shall take necessary action through continuous discussion with our client and do a listing of pre-requisities of the layout of web page. Then we will do paper work for approval from our client. Finally we will do the Template Design with appropriate software professionally. These professional Templates indicate what colours are to be used, where to place images and how much content should be placed in web page.
CONTENT plays a very vital role in convincing and impressing the clients about the organization along with its products or services. Content of Website is a primary factor because it acts as backbone of the website. If the strength of content provided in website is poor, then the customers think that the products or services of the company are also poor. Thus the content can make or break the business. Hence each and every website should have strongly impressive content. These contents which acts as keywords of search engines also gives good page ranking for your website. Discover Tech is specialized in writing contents of type web contents, Newsletters, Brochure contents, Blog contents, Reports, Articles etc. The contents written at Discover Tech are fresh and doesnot include duplicate material. We assure professional quality of content writing for our customers.

A Content Management System is a combination of large database, File System, and other related software modules which are used to store and retrieve very large amount of data. In other words it is a system used to manage the contents of website. By using CMS we can index Text, Audio clips, Video clips, or Images in a database. They are usually based on a pre-written template that acts as a platform for each page in the site as those pages are created.

A CMS consists of two parts.
1. Content Management Application – that allows the user who doesn’t have knowledge of Html or other programming languages, to manage the creation, editing, Updation or deletion of content from a website without the help of any technical programmers.
2. The Content Delivery Application uses and updates the information into web server. Thus a CMS comprises of Web-based Publishing, information management, revision control, etc., A CMS reduces time-to-publish by allowing you to get content published faster. This is an advantageous form of web building for modern organization.

Discover Tech offers web building services with different content managements systems.
1. Joomla
2. Wordpress
3. Drupal
4. Creative CMS

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