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  1. For each Software/Web portal requirement, our technical team will do requirement analysis for the purpose of making plans, outlines, sketches, flowcharts, algorithms and designs.

  2. Before starting the actual design of websites/portals, we will give three web templates in .JPEG image format. Customer has to select any one of the template of their choice. We will give 100% accuracy and similarity in designing of websites but during some unavoidable circumstances the actual design may slightly vary as compared to original web template. In such situation customer has to compromise for minute changes. After beginning of web/software coding we will never change the design pattern.

  3. All the information required for design of website like Logo, Images, Videos, contents, etc., must be provided by the customers in digital form only after approval of project. Otherwise extra charges should be charged for Logo designing and content development. All contents should be provided in an orderly manner and clearly labeled. E-brochure is not included in any web designing packages. If customer wishes to have an e-brochure in their websites, we will design E-brochure attractively with extra cost.

  4. We will maintain client’s source materials, technical and marketing plans and all other sensitive information confidentially.

  5. Upon full payment of all invoices due, copyright to page designs produced by Discover Tech for client shall belong to respective client. But all other supportive materials created by Discover Tech during design and development including drafts, plans, graphic source files, templates or any others remain the sole property of Discover Tech unless other arrangements are made.

  6. For all software requirements, requirement analysis will be done by a group of our technical team at client location only. The maintenance charges will be calculated and billed separately for requirement analysis. This amount should be paid before approval of project.

  7. For all types of AMC's, the prescribed amount should be paid within 15 days of approval of AMC.

  8. Normally we will provide 5 email ids for each organization. Each Id will have a space 1GB. We will give additional 5 email Ids (Total 10 E-mail Id) upon written request. If more than 10 email ids are required customer has to pay extra amount for additional e-mail ids.

  9. It is the right, duty and responsibility of customer to get Cash paid invoices.

  10. If you wish to cancel your hosting service, customer has to give a written request. But no refund is allowed.

  11. Cancellation of domain registration will not be accepted after payment and no refund will be given under any circumstances.

  12. Designed web pages will be uploaded in to web hosting space only after full payment.

  13. Free domain registration will be applicable only for the specified Hosting packages.

  14. If the customer wants to transfer domain from one server to another server of their choice they have to pay extra amount as processing fee. Minimum time duration for transfer of domains will be around 30-50 working days.

  15. All Websites created by Discover Tech will have the statement "Powered by: Discover Technologies" placed at the bottom of all pages. (unless other arrangements are made between both parties at the beginning of project).

  16. Discover Tech reserves the right to include any projects created or developed in its portfolio page.

  17. We will not accept any projects that promote racism, pornography, or anything that contain objectionable and unhealthy contents which gives wrong message to society.

  18. We will not start work on new projects if an outstanding balance is due for a past project. All past projects must be paid in full before starting new projects.

  19. Client is solely responsible for the entire content published on its website. Discover Tech will never take any responsibility regarding this.

  20. Discover Tech will set up web hosting for client with a professional hosting company known to be reliable. However, Discover Tech makes no guarantees for "uptime", nor responsible for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages resulting from possible losses in hosting services. Such possible damages include any lost profits or business interruption or loss of digital data.

  21. Discover Tech will not be liable to client or any third party for any damages arising from the use of website.

  22. Discover Tech is not responsible for any copyright infringements found on materials supplied by client.

  23. Discover Tech will take so much of care for the content's security in our client's websites. As there are numerous tools and methods are available on-line to copy the contents, images etc published in website, Discover Tech is not responsible for any theft, copying of information or images from any of our client website. Discover Tech is not responsible for any direct, indirect, special or consequential losses from such copies/thefts and we are not liable to client or any third party due to such consequences. In such cases website owner may take any legal action against such website owners. Such decisions are independent and own from website owners and such legal actions are not related to Discover Technologies

  24. Domain name registration is subject to availability of preferred name.

  25. All disputes subject to Bangalore jurisdiction only.

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