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Discover Tech is one of the leading providers of payroll software for small, mid-sized organizations and accounting professionals. We provide end-to-end payroll processing with full functionality of cutting edge technologies. The Human Resource team and accounting team are satisfied with the functionalities of our payroll software. We have readymade payroll software and also develop tailor made payroll software according to requirements of organization. We will provide Biometric solutions also. We have included almost all type of day-to-day transactions in HR Department. This payroll software is quickly understandable, simple and easy to use.

The modules involved in our Payroll software are
  1. Company Setup module.
  2. i. Full details of company.
    ii. Holiday list of company.
    iii. PF contribution.
    iv. Employee category.
    v. Leave concept.
  3. Employee management.
  4. i. Personal details.
    ii. Qualification details.
    iii. Dependent details.
    iv. Emergency details.
    v. PF & PAN details.
    vi. Designation details.
    vii. Previous job details.
  5. Attendance and Leave Management.
  6. i. Attendance.
    ii. Leaves.
    iii. Over Time.
    iv. Earned leave.
    v. Leave without pay.
    vi. Half day work.
    vii. Shift details.
    viii. Reports.
  7. Salary Management.
  8. i. Salary details of each employee like Basic, DA, HRA, Medical, Incentives and special allowances.
    ii. Deductions PF, ESI, Insurance etc.
    iii. Loan deductions.
    iv. Mode of payment.
    v. Bonus.
    vi. Conveyance.
    vii. CTC.
    viii. Salary slip generation.
    ix. Reports.
  9. Loan Management.
  10. i. Loan Name (Vehicle, Housing loan, Personal loan, etc).
    ii. Loan amount/EMI.
    iii. Duration of loan in years and months.
    iv. No of installments.
    v. Rate of interest.
    vi. Paid installments & Balance installments.
    vii. Reports.
  11. Reimbursements.
  12. i. Options of reimbursements (Day/week/month/year).
    ii. Type of reimbursement (with salary/separately).
    iii. Slip generation.
    iv. Customization of reimbursement components.
  13. Salary reports.
  14. i. Salary Sheet.
    ii. Summary.
    iii. Bank transaction details (Cheque/DD/Online).
  15. Taxation.
  16. i. Professional tax.
    ii. Provident fund.
    iii. Income tax.
    iv. TDS.
    v. Reports.
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