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A LOGO is a mark which is also termed as “COMPANY IDENTITY” normally symbolizes an organization. It represents the foundation of corporate identity. A logo will never describe the kind of business but identify the business in a way that is recognizable and memorable. We design the logos that INSPIRES YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. A right logo will boost the Meaning, Uniqueness and Professionalism of company branding. Thus a logo can be an image of your organization. It represents who are you? and what you do?

Your logo should be clean and simple. It should stand top by reflecting your company’s focus now and also in future. Although it seems like a small item to think, when starting a business, it can make a huge impact on your business We are specialized in creating exciting and original logos for new businesses and for existing ones. We use our experience and your vision to create an effective corporate logo that's the basis for your business.

There are 3 main types of logos.

Text Logo: Also referred to as typographic logo. Our logos use a smart arrangement of letters and typefaces to build a business's brand. Text logos are the most popular and have very little or no graphical content.

Symbolic/Iconic logos: As the name suggests, symbolic logos use an image that is emblematic of a particular company or product. These symbols can be either descriptive or abstract, and are less direct than straight text, which allows different interpretations of what the logo represents.

Combination Logo: It include both text and a symbol/icon that work together to represent an organization

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