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Discover Tech is a provider of simple but flexible Logistics Management Software for small and mid sized companies that operate on Roads. Our system covers all possible operations involved in shipping process including domestic and accounting. The efficiency of software is simply superb that allows the users to work quickly by reducing mistakes as much as possible. The software also supports web based cargo tracking system.

The modules of Logistics Management Software.

  1. Helpdesk/Reception/Front office.
  2. a. Cargo Receipt/Pickup.
    b. Cargo Delivery.
    c. Rate calculation.
    d. Location Identifier.
    e. Bar code generation & scanning.
    f. Invoice Generation.
    g. Goods Bifurcation.
    h. Automatic Weighing.
    i. Delivery entry
    j. Parcel tracking.
  3. Inventory management.
  4. Godown stock management.
  5. Truck/Transport management
  6. Human resource management.
  7. Accounting.
  8. Brokerage.
  9. Report Generation.
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